Attorney/Legal Services

We are a professional transcription service for the legal community. No need to worry about
messy transcripts, we effortlessly transcribe your recordings!

Legal Data That Can Be Transcribed:

  • Disclosure Calls
  • Court proceedings
  • Legal Letters
  • Correspondence/Memorandums
  • Arbitration Hearings
  • Trials
  • Reports
  • Briefs
  • Regular Recordings
  • Depositions
  • Interrogations
  • Judicial Hearings
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Public Hearings
  • Wiretaps

    Exceptional Transcription brings the following advantages to your organization:

    Quick Turnaround Time of your transcripts.

    Exceptional Accuracy Rate – Ensures 99% accuracy rate for the transcripts provided. The
    quality and accuracy are assured by professional proofreaders and editors.

    Reduce Workload and Save Time – Reduce the documentation workload of legal
    professionals saving their valuable time and effort. You get accurate, updated and properly
    organized legal documents in minimum turnaround time.

    Maximum Security and Confidentiality – Utilize secure means of file transfer for safeguarding
    the confidentiality of your legal files.

    It’s More Affordable than Hiring Additional Staff – Hiring a transcription service eliminates
    the need to hire new staff, saving you time in training and saving you money in payroll.

    Improved Efficiency and Productivity – Instead of typing your assistant and other critical staff
    can concentrate on essential functions of your firm, saving them time to do what you hired them
    for and avoiding possible headaches along the way.


    Why Choose Us?

  • Our transcription process ensures the file is checked multiple times. Even the shortest file is
    checked again and again for accuracy
  • We customize service rate plans so you can budget accordingly
  • We research uncommon terms, acronyms, names, etc. and ensure the transcripts are
    contextually correct
  • We typically deliver files on time. If we anticipate a delay we will inform you well in advance
  • We are accurate, consistent and professional
  • We treat your confidentiality seriously and handle your files with care

    Feel free to call 770-482-1092 or email us at for a detailed service

    plan based on your specific requirements and turnaround times based on our current schedule.