Audrey with keyboard - croppedEvery pioneer in business is driven by the desire to create a product providing unique solutions to the needs of the client. This, along with a tireless commitment to excellence and an uncompromising dedication to the client’s success, ensures that Mrs. Dixon is the perfect partner for any business owner. Her years of experience and wealth of knowledge are essential in navigating the new frontier of business solutions in the 21st century.

Through her company, Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions, business owners are supported by the transcribing of their recorded meetings, conferences, interviews, presentations, focus groups and speeches with the cost-effective efficiency and speed necessary for today’s business professionals.

Mrs. Dixon hails from a family of successful entrepreneurs in her native island home of Jamaica. Under her parent’s stewardship, she gained an early education in business management and honed her commercial skills that serve her effectively to this day. Here in the US, she has spent over 10 years within the architectural and legal industries as administrative assistant and a legal secretary. Audrey also has extensive experience working for various large law firms such as Kirkpatrick & Lockhart in Washington, DC and Arnall, Golden & Gregory in Atlanta, GA.

Since starting her firm, Exceptional Transcriptions and Business Solutions, Audrey has served her clients with excellence for the last 20 years providing transcription services from various media (digital audio, video, written correspondence) and reports. Her transcription service caters to business professionals, academia/research, legal, and healthcare/medical industries.

With an office in Metro Atlanta ,GA, Mrs. Dixon continues to grow her suite of services, focusing on the growing needs of businesses. She now has a team of professionals and various support personnel who provides the “Exceptional Service” that has become the hallmark of her company’s brand.