Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed because you have several business tasks you would prefer to outsource, but you don’t know where to start.  Using a transcription service that is professional, reliable and accurate can help you with handling sensitive or official information that is recorded so that the time saved not transcribing your own recordings can be used to move forward and grow your business faster.

Business meetings, conferences, research interviews, and professional recordings, contain sensitive data that needs to be transcribed in a document format that is easily accessible.  With our skills and expertise in producing accurate transcripts, we make you look polished and professional to your clients.  This means that you can operate more efficiently, thus profitably.  An ongoing relationship with our transcription service will give you time to  accomplish your goals and live the life you want.

Our transcription service caters to the following industries throughout the United States:.

  • Academia/Research (focus groups, interviews)
  • Attorneys (legal documents, pleadings, correspondence)
  • Authors
  • Business Consultants
  • Market Researchers
  • Small Businesses
  • Insurance Companies
  • Medical Professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, chiropractors, medical doctors)

How You Benefit

  • Our transcription services increase the value of your audio by creating usable, searchable, accessible, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-friendly files.  All industries gain powerful repurposing/productivity tools through transcription.
  • We understand that clients’ needs vary so we remain focused on implementing the best solution for YOU and your company!  Exceptional Transcription & Business Solutions services are tailored to fit your needs ~ every time!

Why Choose Us?

  • Our transcription process ensures the file is checked multiple times. Even the shortest file is checked again and again for accuracy
  • We customize service rate plans so you can budget accordingly
  • We research uncommon terms, acronyms, names, etc. and ensure the transcripts are contextually correct
  • We typically deliver files on time. If we anticipate a delay we will inform you well in advance
  • We are consistent, predictable and accurate
  • We treat your confidentiality seriously and handle your files with care

Feel free to call 770-482-1092 or email us at for a detailed service plan based on your specific requirements and turnaround times based on our current schedule.