Business Transcription



• I find myself or my staff spending two or more work days transcribing interviews, focus groups, correspondence, etc.


We are YOUR outsourcing partner to streamline and speed up what can be a time-consuming process, delivered – accurately and on time!

• Exceptional Transcription & Business Solutions converts audio/video and other file formats into documents and transcripts.
• We convert meetings, conferences, telephone calls, notes, correspondence, business reports, sermons, legal documents, contracts, minutes, and documentaries from audio format into text.

By outsourcing your transcription needs, you’ll save valuable time and money! How? By eliminating the unnecessary cost and effort required for full or part-time employees. Don’t believe it? Take a look at this internet survey illustrating the average annual salary for a legal transcriptionist in metro Atlanta: $35,000…! Our transcription projects are contracted on an as-needed basis significantly lowering our clients’ cost over an annual basis.

How You Benefit

• By having an easy way to quickly reference topics covered over and over as well as a way to reach a wider audience.
• Our transcription services increase the value of your audio by creating usable, searchable, accessible, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-friendly files. Market researchers, authors, and bloggers gain powerful repurposing/productivity tools through transcription in a cost-effective way.
• Attention to detail in preparing your documents ensures a high standard of presentation and accuracy.
• Utilizing a dedicated transcription service allows your staff to do what they do best.
• We understand that clients’ needs vary so we remain focused on implementing the best solution for YOU and your company! Exceptional Transcription & Business Solutions services are tailored to fit your needs ~ every time!

Why Choose Us?

• Our transcription process ensures the file is checked multiple times. Even the shortest file is checked again and again for accuracy
• We customize service rate plans so you can budget accordingly
• We research uncommon terms, acronyms, names, etc. and ensure the transcripts are contextually correct
• We typically deliver files on time. If we anticipate a delay we will inform you well in advance
• We are accurate, consistent and professional
• We treat your confidentiality seriously and handle your files with care

Feel free to call 770-482-1092 or email us at for a detailed service plan based on your specific requirements and turnaround times based on our current schedule.